An all-ages tale of a young prince who is thrown into his planet's desolate future where he gains mighty powers from a haunted skull.

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Page Two of Power Skull web comic


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On a barbaric world filled with both science and magic, a young prince is thrown into his planet's desolate future where he gains mighty powers from a haunted skull.





As the first born son of King Casmar who rules the kingdom of Strong Leaf, Prince Adar is destined to become the ruler of his people. But being young and impulsive, Adar can barely look after his younger brother, Phifer. Adar loves his little brother but never lets him forget who will rule the kingdom some day. Despite his occasional rowdy behavior, Adar longs to please his father and grow up to be the leader his dad needs him to become.

Following in his uncle Drowbit's footsteps, Phifer is training to become the King Mage – the king's lead advisor and magician. As the second born to a king, Phifer is charged with devoting his life toward learning the magic spells handed down form his ancestors. Although he loves magic, Phifer reads piles of old books while Adar trains with swords and laser guns. Phifer longs for his father's affection, but often finds him giving more attention to Adar.

After getting separated from his family, a young beast was nearly eaten by a Moon Pit Crawly before being rescued by King Casmar. Its tail was chomped off in the battle which led Adar to name him Chompy after Casmar gave his son the wounded beast to nurse back to health. Now Chompy is always at Adar's side, ready to protect the young prince as he often gets himself into trouble.

As brother and closest advisor to King Casmar, Drowbit is the King Mage tasked with aiding his brother with magic spells and incantations to protect Strong Leaf. Drowbit also handles the training of Phifer in becoming the next King Mage. When Casmar is busy with ruling the kingdom, Drowbit often finds himself settling disputes between Adar and Phifer. With no children of his own, he gladly accepts the responsibility of caring for his brother's kids.

As ruler of the largest kingdom on Makara, King Casmar has long strived to unite the numerous kings and put an end to their constant battles over resources. After losing his wife to a reawakened ancient evil, Casmar struggles to both rule his Strong Leaf kingdom and raise his two sons. In a last ditch effort to unite the kings against the beast that killed his wife, Casmar invites all the kings of Makara to the Hundred King Council.



Penciling my comics is now the only step of the process that I do traditionally (old school with no computer). I usually just start sketching out scenes from the script, and if I like any of them I'll scan it and Frankenstein a panel together. It's a fun stage, but also sometimes the hardest because you're starting form nothing.


I ink digitally in Manga Studio using a laptop and a tablet. I've considered using a Cintiq, but I love the portability of my laptop too much. I used Photoshop for years, but recently started using Manga Studio and I'll never go back. Long ago, I used a traditional brush and ink, but with kids (and a cat) it's a lot safer to use pixels.


I've been coloring comics for longer than I've been drawing them. I still use Photoshop for coloring, but may go to Manga Studio for it as well. I put my inks on a multiply layer and have a layer of colors below that. Special effects will be on a layer on top of the art. After writing, coloring may be the most important part of comic books.

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